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all course activities happen online;
course can be taken by both remote and on-campus students.
on-campus optional:
some optional course activities involve in-person presence on campus;
course can be taken by both remote and on-campus students.
on-campus required:
some required course activities involve in-person presence on campus;
enrollment is limited to students with access to campus.
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6.0001+2 Intro to CS / Programming in Python / Data Science
Ana Bell
Frederic P. Durand
John V. Guttag
6.002 Circuits & Electronics
Tomas A. Palacios
Jeffrey H. Lang
Luqiao Liu
6.003 Signals & Systems
Adam Hartz
6.004 Computation Structures
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Song Han
Mengjia Yan
6.006 Intro to Algorithms
Nir N. Shavit
Mauricio Karchmer
Anand Natarajan
6.009 Fundamentals of Programming
Adam Hartz
Duane S. Boning
Ana Bell
Manya Ghobadi
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley
6.011 Intro: Comm Control Signal Proc
George C. Verghese
Peter L. Hagelstein
6.012 Electronic Devices & Circuits
Akintunde I. Akinwande
6.013 Electromagnetics & Applications
Luca Daniel
6.022J (6.522J) Organ Transport Systems
Roger G. Mark
6.023J Fields Forces Flows in Bio Systems
Jongyoon Han
6.027J (6.557J) Biomolecular Feedback Systems
6.031 Software Construction
Robert C. Miller
Max Goldman
6.033 Computer System Engineering
Katrina L. LaCurts
Harold Abelson
Mohammad Alizadeh
Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
Howard Shrobe
Karen Sollins
6.035 Computer Language Eng
Saman P. Amarasinghe
Martin C. Rinard
6.036 Introduction to Machine Learning
Leslie P. Kaelbling
Iddo Drori
6.041 (6.431) Probabilistic Systems Analysis
Guy Bresler
6.042J Math for Computer Science
Zachary R. Abel
Ryan Williams
6.045J Automata Comput & Complexity
Ronitt Rubinfeld
6.046J Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Srinivas Devadas
Mauricio Karchmer
Virginia Vassilevska Williams
6.049J Evolutionary Bio: Concepts Models & Comp
Robert C. Berwick
6.070J Electonics Proj Lab
James W. Bales
6.08 Interconnected Embedded Systems (formerly 6.S08)
Joseph D. Steinmeyer
Silvina Hanono Wachman
Stefanie Mueller
6.101 Intro Analog Electronics Lab
Negar Reiskarimian
6.115 Microcomputer Proj Lab
Steven B. Leeb
6.141J Robotics: Science and Systems I
Luca Carlone
6.163 Strobe Project Lab
James W. Bales
6.207J Networks
Alexander G. Wolitzky
6.246 Advanced Topics in Control: Reinforcement Learning
Cathy Wu
6.256 Algebraic Techniques and Semidefinite Opt
Pablo Parrilo
6.262 Discrete Stochastic Processes
Vincent W. S. Chan
6.265J Advanced Stochastic Processes
David Gamarnik
6.268 Network Science and Models
Patrick Jaillet
6.302 (6.320) Feedback System Design
Jacob K. White
YuFeng Kevin Chen
6.334 Power Electronics
David J. Perreault
6.401 (6.481) Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis
Yury Polyanskiy
6.402 (6.482) Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications
Tommi S. Jaakkola
Regina A. Barzilay
6.419J (6.439J) Statistics, Computation and Applications
Caroline Uhler
Stefanie Jegelka
6.435 Bayesian Modeling and Inference
Tamara Broderick
6.437 Inference and Information
Gregory W. Wornell
Polina Golland
6.634J Nonlinear Optics
James G. Fujimoto
6.645 Adv Topics in Applied Physics
William D. Oliver
6.730 Physics: Solid-State Applicatns
Qing Hu
6.731 Semiconductor Optoelectronics: Theory & Design
Rajeev J. Ram
6.775 Design of Analog MOS LSI
Hae-Seung Lee
6.802J (6.874J) Computational Systems Biology
Manolis Kellis
6.806 (6.864) Advanced Natural Language Processing
Jacob Andreas
James R. Glass
6.808 Mobile and Sensor Computing
6.809J Interactive Music Systems
Eran Egozy
6.812 (6.825) Hardware Architecture for Deep Learning
Vivienne Sze
Joel S. Emer
6.814 (6.830) Database Systems
Samuel R. Madden
6.819 (6.869) Advances in Computer Vision
William T. Freeman
Phillip J. Isola
6.822 Formal Reasoning About Programs
Adam Chlipala
6.823 Computer System Architecture
Daniel Sanchez
6.824 Distributed Computer Systs Engg
M. Frans Kaashoek
6.832 Underactuated Robotics
Russell L. Tedrake
6.835 Intelligent Multimodal User Interfaces
Randall Davis
6.838 Shape Analysis
Justin Solomon
6.851 Advanced Data Structures
Erik D. Demaine
6.856J Randomized Algorithms
6.857 Network & Computer Security
Ronald L. Rivest
Yael Tauman Kalai
6.859 Interactive Data Visualization (formerly 6.894)
Arvind Satyanarayan
6.862 Applied Machine Learning
Iddo Drori
6.871J Machine Learning for Healthcare
Peter Szolovits
David A. Sontag
6.881 Special Subjs Computer Science
Suvrit Sra
6.902J Engineering Innovation and Design
Blade Kotelly
6.911 Engineering Leadership Lab
6.912 Engineering Leadership
6.913 Engineering Leadership Lab
6.928 Leading Creative Teams
David Nino
6.S062 Special Subject in EECS
Eran Egozy
6.S079 Special Subject in EECS
Karl K. Berggren
6.S979 Special Subject in EE
Samuel Dinnar
6.UAR Preparation for UG Research
Dina Katabi
Piotr Indyk
6.UAT Oral Communication
Tony L. Eng