6.637 Optical Info Proc


6.637 will be taught virtually via Zoom this semester. While synchronous participation is strongly encouraged, recordings of the lectures will be available for those not able to attend the “live” sessions. The first class will take place at the regularly scheduled default time (TR 2:30 pm). However, a Doodle poll will be sent in late August to all students registered for credit to explore the possibility of alternate times for both the lectures and the optional weekly office hours that will maximize “live” participation. Since 6.161 is not being offered this term, there will be no access to the Modern Optics Lab. PDFs of the class notes will be shared with all the registered students. Homework will be assigned as usual. We will have 4 in-class, open-book mini-quizzes each 30 minutes long (simplified format) to gauge mastery of the fundamentals. The final project report is still a requirement. A cell phone (or scanner) to image and e-mail your hand-written work will be helpful. More details at the class Website (web.mit.edu/6.637).

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