6.S063 Special Subjects in EECS


The class revolves around independent term projects sponsored by leaders in the sports industry, and will be in the format of online synchronous (TR 1-2.30pm). These projects are executed by small teams of students, mixing undergrads, grads and business school students. At least one of the two classes will be independent team working sessions to advance the project, mentored by one of the instructors. The working sessions require all the team members to be present while they are happening, since they consist of technical/strategic/communication discussions around the status of each team’s specific project. In addition of the work sessions, we will host a variety of workshops (data analysis, leadership, written and oral communication) that will be recorded, but they will also require active participation from the students. We will also have seminars by leaders in the field to discuss industries and innovation opportunities within sports technology, and these will be in the form of informal conversations and Q&A to make the experience as interactive as possible. Our intention is to heavily emphasize the teamwork and community-building components of the class, hence synchronous attendance is required.

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