6.946J Variational Mechanics


Professors Jack Wisdom (EAPS) and Gerald Jay Sussman will teach this class entirely online, with synchronous lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1400--1500 EDT (2:00PM--3:00PM). We will run our evening laboratory, each Wednesday from 1900--2200 EDT (7:00PM--10:00PM). We expect students to actively participate in all of the meetings, so it may be difficult for students who are in some time zones. If a significant number of students want the hours to be modified, we will be happy to adjust, as appropriate, (one advantage of online teaching is that there is not a problem with allocating a classroom!) The times can be renegotiated by the class in the first few meetings of the term.

We also invite students individually and in groups to drop in (online) to discuss problems with us at other times. We will try to make ourselves very accessible in these strange circumstances.

The web page will be at http://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/users/gjs/6946 (but note that it may not yet be updated for the coming term).

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