6.913 Engineering Leadership Lab


This subject is a component of Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program Year 2 (GEL 2). All sessions will be hosted virtually (via Zoom) on Fridays, with separate sections occurring at 9-11am, 1-3 and 3-5pm (Eastern Time). As GEL Year 2 centers on a cohort-based and peer-led experiential learning environment, synchronous participation is required. Students are encouraged to work with the program’s student leader and staff for assignment to a section which best accommodates their academic/personal schedule. Students with concerns about their ability to participate synchronously should reach out to John Feiler (jmfeiler@mit.edu). When required, lab kits or materials will be available for on-campus pickup or shipped to remote students, other materials distributed digitally via email or Slack. Outside coursework and collaboration with peers and staff will be held virtually unless otherwise announced. Instructional staff are available via email, Slack, Zoom or in-person when required/requested. Course assignments, quizzes, leadership reflections, and other deliverables will be posted to the course Canvas site.

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