6.111 Intro Digital Systems Lab


6.111 will be taught virtually with the option for on-campus work as needed, however the entire course can be completed fully remotely. “Live” lectures will take place on video-conferencing software. While “live” participation is encouraged, recordings of the lectures will be available for those not able to attend the sessions live, with means provided (e.g., via Piazza) for asynchronous responses to questions. Students will be mailed/provided a full FPGA kit for the fall term that must be returned at the end of the semester. Lab assignments will all be capable of being completed remotely using student computers, FPGAs, and additional circuit components provided in the kits. We don't require a tablet computer for the course, however a computer that is capable of running Vivado (on either Windows or Linux or on Mac using a VM of Windows of Linux) will be needed. Feel free to email jodalyst@mit.edu with questions about details of the hardware and/or other options/plans. We expect to have the 6.111 lab space open for most of the day on weekdays at this point for on-campus students to use like a normal semester, however presence in the lab will not be required to do the lab assignments or the final project. For final projects, if additional parts are needed, they can be mailed to students.

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