6.912 Engineering Leadership


This subject is a component of Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program Year 1 (GEL 1). All sessions will be hosted virtually (via Zoom), with separate sections occurring on Mondays at 11am-12:30pm, Mondays at 1pm-2:30pm, Tuesdays at 11am-12:30pm, and Tuesdays at 1pm-2:30pm (Eastern Time). As EL is a discussion-based, seminar-style class with small group break-out activities, the class will be conducted for live, synchronous participation of all enrolled students. Students with concerns about their ability to participate synchronously should reach out to Eileen Milligan (emillign@mit.edu). Some class segments that are conducive to being recorded will be recorded and posted to the class Canvas site for reference; however, live attendance at the online Zoom class sessions is required weekly. Students who anticipate participation issues or absence for a given week due to extenuating circumstances are asked to contact the instructor. Course assignments, pre-reading materials, and other deliverables will be posted to the course Canvas site.

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